CVS ExtraCare Insights

CVS ExtraCare Customer Intelligence platform

powered by Precima

The ExtraCare Customer Intelligence platform leverages data from 75M+ ExtraCare members, gathered through the CVS ExtraCare Rewards program, to bring the customer to the center of business planning and activation. Through this best-in-class, web-based analytics platform, you will have unique and actionable customer insights at your fingertips that will drive real customer growth.

The ExtraCare customer intelligence platform at glance

  • A single source for sales data, incorporating ExtraCare and non-ExtraCare transactions into one platform
  • Deep and powerful web-based analytics to instantaneously drive actionable decision making and enhance customer growth
  • Presentation-ready data visualizations, interactive self-serve dashboards and incredibly quick processing rates make this tool powerful and easy to use
  • Team members available for optional tailored consulting hours and to answer questions about ExtraCare customers


Transform your brand’s performance at CVS

The ExtraCare Customer Intelligence platform allows you to better collaborate with CVS and foster a stronger relationship, powered by rich shopper insights.

  • Optimize your mass and personalized retail strategy with a more holistic lens of your business
  • Foster consistent, better-informed decision-making across your organization and improved collaboration with CVS partners
  • Boost your ROI by leveraging actionable insights to drive incremental category growth
  • Empowers you to bring the customer to the forefront of your business analysis and growth planning


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