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CVS DEX Overview
CVS is implementing a new DSD system that will meet our ability to deliver in stock objectives by maintaining an accurate Balance on Hand for items delivered to the store directly from the supplier. Our new system will provide us with exciting new capabilities.

What does this mean to you, the CVS supplier?
Development of a web-based portal will allow you to enter cost changes on-line in a secure environment. Each designated representative from your company will receive a unique ID and password. Additionally, invoice inquiry capabilities will expedite invoice cost discrepancy research.

  • DEX (Direct Exchange) Receiving, the ability to electronically submit invoices and receive e-signature for quantity validation at the time of delivery in CVS stores. DEX receiving will reduce delivery check in time and quantity discrepancies as both store and supplier agree upon receipt quantities at time of delivery, eliminating any further quantity research.
  • Suppliers are present for delivery but do not possess DEX equipment will be referred to as Symbol suppliers: To achieve the same quantity agreement at delivery, Symbol suppliers will utilize CVS hardware for automated receiving. A printed POD will be supplied to the delivery person, as agreement by CVS and supplier, of received quantities.
  • Elimination of invoice and billing statement submission for payment.

CVS DSD Requirements
Our goal is to promote a seamless transition. Your assistance and cooperation is critical to achieving that goal. Before being converted to a new delivery method, we ask that you provide us with some information that will assist us in identifying your capabilities and compatibility with our new processes. Once we receive your completed DSD Survey Form, you will be contacted to establish your future delivery method and implementation timeline. Training documentation will follow.

The CVS Enterprise Portal allows our suppliers to conduct business with us remotely via a secure environment. Only DSD Suppliers are  granted access due to the current functionality.

The CVS Portal allows the CVS Supplier to access payment information.  To ensure the security of the site CVS maintains strict access rights.  Please use the link below to access the Portal Security Authorization Form and follow the instructions contained on the form.

Click here to enter the CVS Suppliers Enterprise Portal

CVS DSD Vendor Portal Training

DSD Supplier Portal Upload Process

If you have any questions please email mailbox.

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