CVS Mapping Specifications

EDI provides industry-recognized electronic transmission standards for an extremely wide variety of business documents. These standards were reviewed by CVS and mapping requirements were developed for each electronic document to be exchanged.

All Documents sent by CVS to Supplier Trading Partners require FA (997) in return.

Please note that the following Terminators and Separators are required by CVS:

Subelement Separator..ISA16: ¬ or EBCDIC Hex 5F
Element Separator.................:  * or  EBCDIC Hex 5C
Segment Terminator..............:  ~ or  EBCDIC Hex A1

We have a relationship with IBM/Sterling.
*The VAN and associated ID is below.

VAN: IBM/Sterling


ASN VAN: Descartes


The links below will provide you with the guidelines determined by CVS to be included in the inbound and outbound transactionsThe required documents for warehouse suppliers are 850, 810, 812, 824, 830, 856, 860, 864, & 997.  The required documents for DSD (direct store delivery) are 810, 812, 824, 864 and 997 and the required documents for Import Suppliers are 824, 830, 850, 860, 864 and 997.

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*EDI Maps

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