Mandatory WERCS Registration Requirements





Mandatory WERCS Registration Requirements


CVS/pharmacy requires a Regulatory Compliance Assessment via UL WERCSmart as part of its New Item Set Up process

CVS/pharmacy and its supplier community continue to be challenged by supply chain disruptions and excessive fees resulting from the increasing number of federal, state, and local laws and regulations for consumer products.

CVS/pharmacy has selected the WERCSmart solution offered by UL Verification Services Inc. to help us manage regulatory compliance requirements for all chemicals, over-the-counter health products, personal care products, pesticides, cleaning products, aerosols, batteries, light bulbs, and other hazardous-material products that you may sell to us.

Your role in this process is to register your products and formulations with UL WERCSmart.  CLICK  HERE  PRODUCT REGISTRATION CRITERION  for a listing of applicable product categories. UL WERCSmart will then perform an assessment of each product to support CVS/pharmacy’s regulatory compliance goals. The New Item Form cannot be completed and/or submitted without a WERCS ID that is assigned by WERCSmart during product registration.

Your role is to also ensure you keep the WERCS registrations for your products up-to-date, accurate and in an active and “Completed” status in WERCSmart.  The WERCS registration for your product must remain active in WERCS until the product is no longer being sold at any CVS locations.

UL WERCSmart maintains absolute confidentiality of all supplier proprietary product and formulation information.  UL WERCSmart is committed to the highest levels of security and will not share any proprietary information with CVS.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and partnership in this initiative. It will help both of us better manage the regulatory compliance responsibilities that we have and alleviate the shared and costly exposures of non-compliance.

In order to make this item registration process easier, we recommend you participate in a free webinar included with a WERCSmart subscription, as well as utilize the registration checklist below to prepare for product entry into WERCSmart. Suppliers will need to gather the information necessary to complete the registration of a product from various departments within their company such as quality, regulatory, or R&D.  CLICK  HERE  for  the  product  registration  checklist

( checklist-0)  .  Use this checklist when compiling information on your product prior to performing the product registration process.

CLICK HERE: UL-WERCSmart to be redirected to the WERCSmart home page to enter your item. Click on the “Sign In” icon in the upper right corner to begin the registration process.

CLICK HERE: WERCSmart Subscription : UL WERCSmart for the most up to date WERCSmart

CLICK  HERE  Compliance Assessment and NI Set Up or information about the Compliance Assessment and New Item Set Up

CLICK  HERE  (Add link for new PDF of You ASKED – We ANSWERED) for You ASKED – We ANSWERED – A Message from the CVS WERCSmart Team

Have a question regarding your participation in this process? 

Email CVS/pharmacy’s WERCSmart team at:

Have a technical question regarding the WercSmart product registration tool?

Contact a UL Wercs professional via the Customer Support option at: