Supply Chain Performance

To ensure that our supply chain is operating at the highest level of effectiveness we have enhanced our Supply Chain Performance (SCP) Programs and have rolled out a vendor portal designed to support the facilitation of our full suite of SCP programs. Precise care and planning was taken when designing the overall program parameters to ensure fairness to the vendor community while maintaining adequate levels of accountability throughout the supply chain. All program parameters center on driving vendor behaviors that allow the supply chain to operate at optimal levels. 

At this time, the portal is being used to facilitate our On Time and In Full Performance (OTIF) program only (formerly STA compliance). As such, weekly charge notifications and monthly effectiveness charges (distributed via email) should be reviewed and monitored through the portal.  The portal is also the point of contact for performance data tracking and facilitation of the dispute process.  Throughout the remainder of 2018, the Supply Chain Performance team will continue building out the portal to support the remaining SCP programs.

Communication containing the portal web link along with login and password information was sent to a designated representative for each CVS supplier on 6/6/2018.  Inquiries related to portal setup or SCP programs should be sent to .  If you need a new user set up in the portal, please provide the following information:

-          Name

-          Email Address

-          If this person should be an admin

-          All PO Vendor numbers  you will need visibility to

As of the 3rd quarter of 2018 there are no changes to the remainder of the current SCP programs which are described in detail throughout the Supply Chain Performance Program Instructions guide. Any future changes will be communicated to the vendor community in a timely manner.