Supply Chain Performance

To ensure our supply chain is operating at the highest level of effectiveness we have enhanced our Supply Chain Performance (SCP) Programs and have rolled out a vendor portal designed to support the facilitation of our full suite of SCP programs. Precise care and planning was taken when designing the overall program parameters to ensure fairness to the vendor community while maintaining adequate levels of accountability throughout the supply chain. All program parameters center on driving vendor behaviors that allow the supply chain to operate at optimal levels. 

At this time, the portal is being used to facilitate our On Time and In Full (OTIF) Performance program and the Small Parcel case limit compliance program. The portal is the point of contact for charge investigation, performance data tracking and facilitation of the dispute process. Educational resources for both programs, is available in the Supply Chain Performance Program Instructions provided below. Portal utilization guides are available in the portal (Learning Center tool bar, Portal Help Documents page). 

Communication containing the portal web link along with login and password information was sent to a designated representative for each CVS supplier on 6/6/2018.  If you have not yet received access to the SCP/Traverse portal, please send the following information to :


  • Vendor Name
  • Applicable Vendor Number(s)
  • Full Name of portal user – unless otherwise noted this person will be designated as the account Administrator and will have the ability to add individuals to the account
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number


The Supply Chain Performance team will continue building out the portal to support the remaining SCP programs.

Educational resources for Appointment Integrity and Packing List / Bill of Lading compliance is available in the Supply Chain Performance Program Instructions document provided below.  Expense offsets for these programs are posted to the check remittance.  Backup is available upon an email request to  This is also the email address for all SCP program inquiries.


We encourage suppliers to review all documents offered on this page and to periodically visit this site for document updates.