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About CVS Launch

We launch emerging, certified diverse-owned and innovative brands in our stores.

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What we offer

You know your brand better than anyone. Retail expansion can be an exciting and overwhelming process. Having an experienced collaborator on your side offers a huge advantage. Our team serves as a guide on this journey, removing roadblocks and providing valuable insight to help bring new products quickly to our stores. 


We can provide insight given our experience with our customers and our stores to test, learn and scale your brand.

Logistics expertise

We’ll help with delivery and logistics to streamline processes.

Disruptive merchandising

We can bring your product to life in our stores in many ways, including end caps, in-line planograms and off-shelf programs that will enhance your brand’s differentiators.


We’ll provide real-time data analytics to help you optimize your brand’s performance at CVS.

Accelerating emerging brands

CVS Launch provides a quick and easy way for brands that are new to retail to connect with new customers and grow their brand in our stores. Our experienced team of buyers works in partnership with emerging brands, innovation pipelines and startup companies to test and launch products.

Our goal is to partner with innovative new brands and support their growth and success at CVS. 

Working and succeeding together


Working together, we support one another to drive growth and create new opportunities.


You know your brand and we know CVS. Combining our knowledge and experience leads to successful retail rollout. 


Our combined efforts enable accelerated speed to market for emerging brands.

CVS Launch mission

To identify and support innovative brands and products that share our purpose of helping people on their path to better health.

CVS Launch vision

To become the leading destination for product discovery by working alongside today’s most innovative brands.

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